Assisted Living At Home vs Facilities

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May 27, 2018
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May 27, 2018

Assisted Living At Home vs Facilities

Hanson Services was built on the idea that assisted living at home is the best choice. When a caregiver comes to the home, it is one-to-one, individualized care with everything from home-cooked meals to pet care, based on that client’s needs. Hanson Services functions as an extended member of the family.

But there are cases where assisted living at home isn’t possible. We work with assisted living facilities across Northeast Ohio, providing supplemental care when one-on-one care is necessary. These facilities are professionally run, with emphasis on good care for their residents. They view Hanson Services as a means to good care when staffing issues make one-on-one care impossible. Hanson Services is not there to compete but to supplement and enhance assisted living.

Unfortunately, not all assisted living facilities are run with the resident’s best interest in mind. An eye-opening example was featured recently on the PBS network’s show “Frontline.”  The link is below:

Frontline on PBS

The heartbreaking stories featured on Frontline illustrate what happens when assisted living becomes “money” driven instead of “care” driven. Hanson Services founder and CEO Maryann Hanson will be the first to admit that a good assisted living facility can balance good care with profitability. But she cautions families to use common sense.


“Beautiful art,  expensive furniture, and fancy amenities don’t mean good care.”


Maryann suggests looking beyond the aesthetics and look at the residents instead. “If they are hidden away in rooms, it’s not a good sign. Sometimes people are more isolated at a facility than they are at home.”

Access to Hospice Care is another consideration when looking at assisted living. Hospice care is often mistaken for assisted living. The Frontline program also showed an example where Hospice and palliative care was desperately needed but not provided.


There is no substitute for Hospice care. Hospice care provides Hospice and palliative care. Both offer compassionate care to patients with  serious illnesses, but they  are not interchangeable. Palliative is always a component of hospice care, but Hospice care isn’t always end-of-life care.

Hanson Services caregivers work closely Hospice doctors, nurses and volunteers. We provide the daily living assistance and human comfort that would otherwise be impossible 24 hours a day.


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