We took care of Dr. Joseph Foley once a week for ten years, and our caregiver Cathy Santovin was the first and only caregiver Dr. Foley had from Hanson Services. Dr. Foley passed away at 96 as the Emeritus Professor of Neurology of Case Western Reserve, was the founder of the Cleveland area’s Alzheimer’s Association, awarded the U.S. Bronze Star for being the first unit onshore at the beaches of Normandy, Harvard Medical School Graduate, and a continuous advocate for peace and love amongst his peers.

Our caregivers most memorable moments with Dr. Foley were singing songs and reciting poems from memory. He would say “I think it’s time to call and bug Peggie!” where he had a continuous rapport with our Human Resources Director about all subjects under the sun, which also included handwriting his own checks under a microscope at 96 years of age. He was one of Hanson’s oldest and most wonderful relationships and will be known as a simple man, humorous, and strong-willed. He requested to not be recognized for all his accomplishments, but many could not restrain, including The Plain Dealer which ran a large article on his life you can view at cleveland.com.