Employee Recognition: Michael Paden

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May 27, 2018
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August 22, 2018

Employee Recognition: Michael Paden

Michael is the very first employee of Hanson Services with a start date of October 1995. I want to share what makes Michael so special to Hanson Services and all of his many long-time clients. One Saturday afternoon in 1995, we received a call from a nurse about helping with her husband. He was scheduled to go to a memory loss facility in the next two weeks, but she had been up 24 hours per day for weeks, as Charlie wandered all night. I sent Michael Paden for the whole evening. She said very nice things, and Michael went every night for two weeks. I received a call for service from another person who let me share what she had to say.

She had called Hanson Services late on a Saturday afternoon, only to be immediately told a GRA named Michael would be there. Being a nurse, she was a bit concerned about having a stranger in the house to look after Charlie.

She kept waking during the night only to hear Michael and Charlie talking and walking, and said, “I felt that an angel had been sent to help us. On top of that, when I got up, Michael made a pot of coffee for me and stayed a few more minutes so I could eat breakfast. I will never forget Hanson services and our Angel Michael.”

She stood up at an Alzheimer’s meeting to share this wonderful experience. He has by reputation and understanding become our longest employed GRA, and his clients tend to be referred by long time and happy clients. Both male and female clients love and respect Michael. He has become an outstanding cook of old recipes his clients have taught him to make.

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