Hanson Services celebrates founder and CEO Maryann Hanson as she reaches a milestone. Aging comfortably has been her goal for Hanson Services clients since 1996 when “Hanson Services in-home assisted living” was founded. But June 16th, 2013, was the day “aging comfortably” become personal as Maryann turned 70.

The age of 70 is significant because one of Maryann’s favorite quotes (Helen Gurley Brown) says that “only in America do we become invisible after the age of 70.”

“Invisible” is the last word anyone would choose to describe the vibrant, spunky CEO of Hanson Services. In fact, “invincible” would be a better choice, along with another quote by Gloria Steinem: “One day an army of gray-haired women may quietly take over the Earth!” 

Just change “gray-haired women” to (in Maryann Hanson’s case)  “platinum blonde women.”


Happy Birthday, Maryann!


Maryann was expecting a quiet, elegant, dinner for four at  Olesia’s Place Restaurant in North Royalton. She had expected other diners but found the restaurant was packed with her family and friends ready to celebrate her big day.